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by Astara E. Edmonds

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During times of extreme change that disrupts everyday life, it is important to remember all the ways of creating and maintaining balance. Whatever brings inner peace to oneself strengthens our resilience and sense of balance.

When we live in the turbulence of shock, grief, suffering, insecurity and fear, the sense of peace seems very far away. The energy of war is disruptive mentally, emotionally and physically as it is based on long standing belief in separation and division, fear of others, power over others and attachment to winning and losing. These themes have been present on Earth for ages in many forms. The astrological influences we are currently in are designed to help us evaluate our attachments to our belief systems on a personal and global level. While this process is challenging, it is important to remember how to maintain peacefulness.

In order to move in the direction of a peaceful heart, remember the thoughts and activities that are supportive.

For example:

  • meditation, stillness, rest

  • music, art, creative projects

  • gardening, walks in nature

  • yoga, Reiki, Qigong, tapping, acupuncture, breathing techniques

  • eating nourishing foods, herbs and supplements

  • stay hydrated

  • essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, rosemary and others, supports our physical and emotional bodies

  • healthy boundaries

  • supportive friends and groups and much more

  • minimize destructive behaviors such as excessive use of alcohol, destructive drugs, junk foods

  • be heart centered, focus on our Human qualities we have in common

Being aware of outer circumstances on a personal or global level is important and taking care of oneself is significant for well being. Feeling the emotions and honoring them brings movement that is healthy while not getting absorbed and lost in them. When we pay attention to our inner well being to the best of our ability, it is easier to navigate the challenges we are faced with as we are move through a period of metamorphosis.

The light that is within us strengthens our fortitude, our courage to face adversity. When we allow our hearts to open and expand, our capacity for compassion increases. Compassion is a vast, emotional force of transformational power. No act of compassion is too small or insignificant as it effects all aspects of life.

Let us focus with honorable intention on a desired positive result. Our individual focus is amplified when joined with others of similar intent and the collective focus has the creative power to influence a positive effect. Lifting oneself or another out of the density of fear and constriction is an act of empowerment. It is love and compassion, caring and sharing that lifts us and propels us forward in unity.

We are here to offer our visions of harmony and cooperation to our home, our society and our world. We are here to create through our heart’s desire, a safe, consciously inspired world. We are here to create peace and dignity within the human race and to honor our homeland of Earth.

As humans, we have a great capacity through our heart center to LOVE. With love, we can create a space for safe, joyful, uplifting changes to occur.

This is our moment to choose wisely.


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