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Hello 2023

by Astara E. Edmonds

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The year 2023 is a seven vibration in numerology which contributes the qualities of

spiritual growth, philosophical exploration, intuitive expansion, inner reflection, naturally meditative moments and growth in self love. Quality alone time will call to us and inspiration will come from that inner space. Interest in learning through books, seminars and classes will increase as we reach for greater knowledge, wisdom and truth. An increase in emotional sensitivity can be expected so clearing and grounding techniques are important to utilize.

The year 2023 brings the dream and the dreamer into greater focus. Pay attention to dream quality for all the insights that come through them. It is also a time to evaluate and define an inner calling to "follow your dream" and find the freedom to express it. Sometimes this requires the courage to release the expectations of others and just be you.

As 2023 unfolds, many will find themselves called to be of service for the greater good. This can take many shapes and all carry a quality of giving. As growth in our self love expands to include a greater measure of love for each other and this planet, we will be honoring our heart and the gift that we are here to be.

As 2022 closes and the doors of 2023 open, we can each look in the rear view mirror to reflect upon our experiences, learning and growth. It has been a year of energetic intensities affecting personal and planetary transformation. A year of emotional highs and lows as we each travel through our inner world of values, discarding what no longer serves us while finding greater appreciation for what is serving us. A not-so-comfortable journey at times, yet empowering, never the less.

As chaos churns up the unimaginable, the suppressed and denied parts of humanity, a flushing takes place that ultimately cleanses and offers healing. It is not an easy road to travel but it is on purpose for these times we live in. A planetary awakening is taking place, we know it and feel it. The key is to be non-resistant so that we can each flow with the necessary changes taking place within us which reflects outwardly to the world we live in making transformation universal. We are the world we live in and we have the strength of our Inner Light to guide us. I often say "Let Your Light Shine" because you are that Light and the world needs your glow.

When we approach the struggles of life with an openness to learn and grow, the understanding and rewards will be revealed at appropriate moments. This schoolhouse called Earth teaches us about ourselves in mysterious ways. The voice of Mother Earth/Gaia calls to our hearts to engage and respect not only her, but each other. As we honor the Light that we see in each other, all of life is lifted to a higher place of expression. It is a win-win approach to living.

When life is difficult and challenging, someone will enter your circle to shine their light in your direction to remind you that you are not alone and their gift of loving support can lift your heart. For anyone feeling the challenge of confusion, disappointment, hurt, despair, the loss of a loved one or other sensitive processes, look for the compassion and love in others and open your heart to their gift.

Spending time in nature is our connection to Earth energy in the form of trees, grasses, flowers, bugs and butterflies, winged ones, crawly ones, swimming ones, four legged and the elemental kingdom. Nature feeds and nurtures us and brings us balance. May our respect and honor of her increase as we deepen our love for Mother Earth.

Nature provides our abundant foods and natural cures to nourish and heal our bodies. This year is a perfect time to expand our awareness of healthy nutrients through our food choices that support the vitality of our bodies. As we gain in our knowledge of life sustaining foods, lets share with each other for the betterment of all.

At the heart-of-our-heart resides the greatest gift, the gift of love. It really defies words yet expresses nicely in gestures of kindness, hugs, smiles, creativity, poetry, music and so much more. We are the expression of this gift. It is meant to be shared. It is meant to nurture. It is meant to be experienced in the giving and receiving. It is meant to remind us that we are valued and valuable.

As you personally embrace the gift that you are, inspired new ideas will be available to be creatively expressed allowing us to serve each other and this planet with our special talents and ways of caring. Your heart is the center of the gift that you are and love is the center of your heart. Simply feel free to share your loving heart.


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