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Lead With Your Heart

By Astara E. Edmonds

The Fall Equinox on 9-22-2021 in the sign of Libra opens a gateway for creating balance within ourselves and globally. Fall is the harvest time, the culmination of summer's growth and productivity. Gardens have yielded their bounty, offering us their nutritional support from the plant kingdom. Your relationship with food has the potential to give you optimal health and a vital immune system that supports your physical body and entire being.

Our inner garden of personal growth moves us forward less encumbered with outdated behaviors, habits, worries, wounds and more. This is growth of SELF which includes the challenging and easy experiences. Deepening our self discovery and allowing change to occur within our personalities and our actions takes courage and patience. Your inner light and love has the power to guide the process.

For years now, many messages have encouraged us to surrender to change and transformation to create our new self, based on new values and perspectives. Change is not often comfortable especially when resistance is present. As we personally navigate the vast changes taking place on this planet, it is so important to find ways to support ourselves emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Taking time to be still in a nurturing manner often brings us a sense of peace and balance. It can take us into an inner depth where insight is available to guide us. That deep place within is centered in our heart space where we know love. When we remember the power of love as a real energy within us, we are more connected to life and living authentically.

When faced with chaos or crisis, this loving space is essential to guide us out of fear, being overwhelmed, confusion and loss of faith. Remembering the path to your true loving heart is the key. Breathe, meditate, connect with nature, be receptive to love in all forms. All the creative ways we nurture ourselves are acts of self love. Self love is where it starts then expands outward to the world.

We are key players in creating harmony in our lives. Every contribution to harmony, balance and peace counts as it impacts humanity in general. Energy finds like energy and expands so make your contribution a positive one by leading with your heart.


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