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Heart Centered Awareness

By Astara E. Edmonds. Full version of Astara Visions Newsletter available at

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As we re-calibrate our way of life on a personal and global level, finding patience in ourselves and others is important for our well being. The growing pains of creating a new normal is filled with daily ups and downs while we navigate through all the possible choices moving forward. Trust yourself. Process your unfavorable emotions to release the anxiety and allow the favorable emotions to rise and shine. Allow love and joy, compassion and kindness to flourish and lift your spirit. Your high vibe affects you and life around you.

A new earth is being born through us as we emerge from the old patterns of the past. Just as personal habits and addictions can be difficult to release, so can familiar patterns of behavior be challenging to change. A step at a time process with intention guides the way as we are all in the process of redefining our lives personally and globally. Facing our shadows as individuals, societies and countries, gives us new opportunities to choose more enlightened bahavior.

It's time to use your gifts and tools learned over the years to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit. Remember the simple techniques of deep breathing, releasing, grounding, aura cleansing, energy healing such as Reiki, Chi Gong, Tapping, meditation, sound therapies, music, dance, yoga, nature walks, resting, eating healthy foods and other practical methods of creating balance. We are capable of navigating with care and without fear. Trust your heart to have the awareness to guide you with love.

Our dream time is very significant now due to a fourth and fifth dimensional interfacing that is occurring on this planet. As a result, our illusions of physical of form are changing as our definitions and beliefs in reality are questioned and redefined. Perceptions from beyond the veil are more readily accessible. Visitations from loved ones, angels and masters as well as message downloads are more available during our dream time especially with the current strong influence of Neptune which rules dreams, psychic receptivity, spirituality, esoteric realms, inspiration, mercy and compassion.

You have likely heard “we were born for these times” and it's true. The planetary shift is part of a bigger picture as Earth moves through a solar system of changing energies. Humanity in our current form is transforming through the planetary influences that are pushing us to evolve rapidly. This rapid pace of change is stressful, so again, remember to use your tools for balancing. If you need rest, honor yourself with rest. This is a time with purpose so go within to receive your insights and guidance.

All the ways we can love ourselves and others is at the forefront of this experience.

The Eagle sees from a high altitude and becomes a meaningful totem for these times.

May love guide us as we strive to fly high and free.

copyright: Astara E. Edmonds

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