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The Resilience of Peace

By Astara E. Edmonds

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Faith in the face of change requires courage, patience and a willingness to embrace new possibilities. Powerful planetary alignments continue to give us an opportunity to choose newness in our lives. New direction is calling to us for many aspects of our lives based on our revised inner values. That means need to review what really matters to us regarding family matters, relationships, friendships, location of home, work/service, health, global outreach and environmental concerns. Change is at hand and we are being asked to take inventory of our lives in order to make wise choices that move us forward in positive and productive ways.

Trust is a significant part of our experience in choosing wisely. We are born into this world with a Soul purpose and plan. Our Soul guides us along our path through ups and downs, joys and sorrows and what we define as "good" and "bad". In this time of so much change on this planet, we must remember that we came here to to learn and grow as we experience everything. Some of our experiences are pleasant and fun and some are hard and challenging. There is purpose to it all even when we don't see it. That is where trust and faith come in.

Your piece of the puzzle is becoming more evident to you each day as your self worth and self respect grows in intensity, facing and leaving behind the old paradigm of fear. Our heart centers are expanding to express greater amounts of compassion, kindness and unconditional love. Our intuitive/psychic center is expanding to perceive greater insights. Our physical bodies are increasing the need for higher quality nourishment to feed and fuel our ever changing cells. It is truly a time of personal and global transformation.

With all these changes comes sensitivity. The psychic/intuitive body is closely aligned with our emotional body and that increases our emotional sensitivity. This is why we often feel moody, off balance, spacey, sleepy, overwhelmed, irritated or impatient. The vessel that you are is expanding to become a larger vessel for the flow of information. Each stage of change requires us to adjust ourselves so that we remain open to further expansion.

Find your creative spark and let it blossom however small or large. It is our nature to be creative, to dream and imagine, to play and to express our gifts. It is "time" to unveil and free that inner creative spirit the world is waiting for. Utilize meditation to enter that inner oasis of calm and quiet listening.

We are all in a unique relationship with Mother Nature. Our physical bodies depend on the nourishment that Nature provides us. Eating foods filled with life offers the body a better opportunity for optimum health and well being. Our cells are intelligent powerhouses. What we think, feel and eat influences the life force of our cells. Having a healthy body requires personal dedication to that intention. A healthy body moves through life’s experiences and challenges with strength and resilience.

We live in a world of fast foods, packaged foods and microwave ovens designed for quick meals with little thought or effort. Temptation looms in every isle of the grocery store. It takes practice and personal choice to select products that add to the quality of our lives. It is a personal choice to walk the path of healthy living. The reward is in the results.

By feeding ourselves healthy foods, body weight normalizes and the immune system strengthens. We become more resilient and lively with the ability to heal from illness and injury, to age gracefully and to remain creative, active, curious and vital. Small changes in diet, habits and positive intentions produce significantly improved results.

All of us can feel weary or doubtful at times. That is when we turn to our inner Source, to that place of quiet listening and conversation with Spirit. From this place of stillness, we know that we are all connected and there is nothing really “outside” of us. From this place, we can commune with Source and ask the Angels for help or assistance, knowing we are having a conversation with a loving celestial family who cares about our well being. As we all grow in our trust in this inner process, we become stronger, more resilient, more creative and less fearful.

As the world transforms, many of us will be drawn together for the purpose of lifting our inner spirit to higher levels of creativity and productivity. When our spirit is high, open and engaged, new ideas and clarity can flow freely. As we continue to grow, letting go of harmful habits, outdated attachments and limiting beliefs is significant to our well being. Lifting oneself or another out of the density of fear and constriction is an worthy act of empowerment and expansion.

“Keep it simple” and "keep your heart open". An open heart is a loving, peaceful, compassionate expression of Source. Remaining heart centered, even during challenges, is our highest calling. .

Simple guidelines to support our resilience:

  • Breathe deeply for release and energy. Breath is life and affects our vitality and willingness to be alive in our body.

  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of pure water as water bathes our cells and is part of our energy management. Avoid soda and sugared drinks.

  • Eat wholesome, healthy foods rich in nutrients that are life sustaining (not life robbing). Organic when possible.

  • Use high quality supplements and herbs for optimum health.

  • Connect with nature for balance. Enjoy the beauty of plants, trees, water, sky and the symphony of sounds produced by birds, bees, cicadas, frogs, crickets and so many more. Nature is our tuning fork and our grounding rod. Go into nature and be still.

  • Rest when needed to recharge, re-calibrate and rejuvenate.

  • Meditate to relax the mind and explore your inner space through quiet listening and stillness.

  • Create healthy boundaries. Sometimes we are exposed to dense, heavy or negative energy in people or the environment. You can manage the energy you process through your body without judging by using this affirmation technique:

“I release and let go all unbalanced energy to be neutralized.

I choose to be centered, balanced and grounded in my body and being”.

  • Use grounding techniques to utilize the energy of the Earth. Place your attention on your feet and imagine roots extending deep into the belly of Mother Earth. Breathe the earth energy up through your feet through each chakra to above the crown. Then reverse it by bringing in the Universal

  • Life force down through each chakra to the feet and into the Earth.

  • Use Healing practices such as Reiki, tapping, Qigong, message, chiropractic and more.

  • Use Essential Oils for comfort and healing. Chamomile and lavender are soothing and restful.

  • Avoid over exposure to TV, media and disempowering messages that emphasize sickness and division.

  • Be Creative with inspiring projects like art, music, gardening, crafts and learning.

  • Be Grateful. Focusing on appreciation strengthens an open heart and attracts more to be thankful for. Gratitude invites peacefulness.

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