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Reiki Trainings

     My Intention is to deliver the Highest Truth for

 Your Empowerment.

It is my joy to be of service, through my Heart, with grace.

My path of Holistic Service allows me to be a messenger, guide and healer.  I believe in our personal and collective Awakening to Higher Truth and Awareness.

I honor our Divinity.


I am a Psychic/Clairvoyant Messenger with a connection to Angels and Ascended Masters who support me in being  Clear and Compassionate.  

I am available to for private sessions,

in person or by phone.


A Psychic Reading is delivered with Accuracy and Respect, covering your personal growth.

Your questions are welcomed.

Phone Readings are as accurate as in-person and

allow you to be in your personal space at a time

that is best for you.


The Purpose of having a Reading is to give you information, insight and perspective that will bring clarity to your life. Information gives you the power to make clear decisions

and new choices. Solutions are available to life's challenges.

All Readings are given with compassion, respect and appreciation.











                  Readings are In Person and By Phone. 

Prices for Private Sessions:


45 minute Reading.............$ 85

You may record the session if you wish.

Fairs in Oregon

Grants Pass, OR 

North Bend, OR  


         Expo and Fair Prices vary.


The 2013 and 2014 BMSE, Tampa, Fl. had record breaking attendance.

As a speaker and keynote, Astara presented "Awakening Our Awareness" and from that talk produced an audio/video meditation that is available on YouTube at the Astara Visions channel.  Astara Visions YouTube



To schedule a Reading

or Reiki Training,



        located in Glide, Oregon

Within the core of our being is a very, very bright Light. A Light that illuminates the dark even when it is a flicker. A Light that illuminates Life when it is unleashed and given the freedom to expand beyond any limitation. A Light that represents all that is of peace, love, compassion and goodness. 

A Light that has your signature, your name, your calling and your brilliance.

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

I am a Reiki Master Teacher of both Usui and Karuna Reiki®.

Reiki is a Japanese Hands-On Healing Discipline that channels Universal Life Energy. It is a powerful & practical method of Healing for Self, Others, Animals and our Planet.


Reasons for Using Reiki:


* Receive Universal Energy for self empowerment.

* Give Universal Energy to others for their empowerment.

* Give Universal Energy to planetary needs.

* Reiki is a way to be  of Service in the World.

* Together we make a difference.


Reiki Trainings are held in Roseburg and Glide, Oregon.

Nature supports and enhances your training and transformation with tall pines, palms, cedars, oaks and gardens. The nearby Mother Ocean offers serenity and power. Come and enjoy the beauty of this loving environment for your empowerment!


Levels of Usui Reiki

Reiki Level I

Learn how to use Universal Life Energy for Yourself and Others.

Class includes history of Reiki, understanding energy and healing including grounding techniques.

Class includes Attunements, Meditation, Hands-On Healing, Class Manual & Certification.

 $200 ($50 deposit).


Reiki Level II

Learn to use Healing symbols to amplify energy and do Distant Healing, a powerful and effective way to work with energy for others in another location and for the planet.

Class includes Attunement, Meditation, Distant Healing Session, Class Manual & Certification.

 $200 ($50 deposit).

Level I and II are often taught together in a two day training.


Usui Reiki Master:

Receive the Reiki Master Teacher Attunement, the Master Symbol and learn to Teach all levels of Reiki.  Experiential Instruction with a detailed Reiki Master Manual and Certification included.

This is a 2 day training.  Prerequisite: Reiki Levels I and II.

 $875 ($200 deposit).


Karuna Reiki®

Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning "compassionate action" and is aligned with the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara also known as

Kuan Yin. Karuna is available to Usui Reiki Masters as an additional empowerment.


Karuna Reiki® Master:

In depth use of 4 level one symbols, 4 level two symbols and 4 Master symbols. Activates Compassion.

Learn to teach all levels of Karuna Reiki®.

Class includes Manual, Attunements, Healing Meditations, 

This is a 2 day Training with Certification included.

Prerequisite: Usui Reiki Master.

       $875 ($275 deposit).


® Karuna Reiki is a registered trademark of The International Center for Reiki Training.



A Little Bio:


I began life as a sensitive and intuitive young girl.  In my early 30's, I had a profound awakening from a horseback riding incident that broke my back. 

From that point forward, my clairvoyance and claraudience awakened and grew, becoming my "new normal". 


In 1987, I dedicated my life to offering my gifts for both personal and planetary empowerment.  That intention was the beginning of my healing path in Reiki as well as psychic readings, public speaking and writing. 

It has been a  comprehensive path of incredible learning and sharing.


I believe in the Awakening of humanity as an unstoppable force of Light. 

You are that Light that I honor.





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