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"The Comfort of Compassion"


Out of the vastness of the Universe and the depths of our Hearts, comes love and compassion. Through love and compassion we discover comfort for ourselves, our family, our friends and our planet. Comfort has many facets like the prism of a crystal and each facet has significance. Whether you are giving or receiving comfort, you join a vast force of transformational power.

A comforting smile, hug, gesture or word has the power to lift and transform sadness, despair, confusion, loneliness and grief. We each have that gift inside ourselves to give to another who is in need of our gift. When each of us slips into that place of need, someone can cross our path who touches our heart with that same gift of comfort. We also benefit from the presence of Angels who come to our aide when we need support. Angels of compassion, unfailing love and great comfort.

We are living in a unique period of Earth's emergence as she is growing and increasing her vibration from less dense frequencies to more refined frequencies. With these changes comes a purification of the lower, more dense vibrations. Much of what is held in darkness rises to the light to be revealed and processed. Much of the turmoil that we experience and see around the world is due to the unmasking of what has been hidden. Now we see more, hear more and know more. Working through our collective fear, anxiety, resentments, anger and hurt is part of this process as we are awakening into a more refined state of being.

Many of you who are reading this are dedicated to "being of service" in this lifetime. Whether you are a healer, intuitive, counselor, teacher, speaker, writer, shaman, environmentalist, or friend of humanity, the goodness you offer is very important. The kindness you offer helps you and others feel better.

May each of us in our own way say "Yes" to our heart's expansion and allow compassion to flow through us more freely. Free-flowing compassion can effect our lives and the lives of others in positive and comforting ways. May this expanded love and compassion bring out the best in each of us to nurture the world.

As we grow in self-awareness, simply ask; "what are my gifts and how may I use my gifts effectively in service to the world?" As the answers unfold, we extend ourselves beyond the "Me" to the "We". When the focus is on the "We", giving, sharing and being of service emerge naturally and with unified strength. When we realize the "We" in us, service oriented endeavors become more important and more available to us.

Look within to the gifts you have to offer and be willing to express these gifts. The world is ready for your talent and compassionate action. Your generosity has no limits and your goodness and kindness makes a positive contribution to a higher quality of life.

Say "YES" to your goodness.

The light of your Goodness illuminates the world.


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