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Our Voice For Peace

by Astara E. Edmonds

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Sunflower to honor the Ukraine. May Peace Prevail. Art by Astara 2022

Our voice for peace is a global chorus powered by our hearts reverberating around the world. At this point in our history, a very strong collective outcry against warring behavior is being heard and felt within humanity. While in the midst of the chaos and drama of war dynamics, our individual focus on peace is significant as it contributes to the collective energy. A key is to enter and breathe into our heart space, that container where love and compassion can find expression.

It is challenging to witness and feel the depth of suffering. It is common to feel fatigued, depressed, worried, sad and even confused. It is important that the circumstances of unrest not steal our well being, our inner rainbow. Breathe through it, release the anxiety and let it go. Invite harmonious thoughts and feelings that lead to peacefulness. From that inner place of peace, our prayers, visualizations and intentions can go forward freely.

Every drop of kindness, compassion and love is significant. Your input is significant in this ocean of life. Trust this and open to the higher guidance that speaks to you. Guidance can be meditative and quiet or bold and action oriented. We each have our style of contributing to the well being of humanity.

Distractions are part of this process and finding ways to be aware of what is occurring around us while not getting mired down in the negativity is necessary. Avoiding over exposure to TV, media and dis-empowering messages that emphasize sickness and division helps us find balance in our daily lives. We are increasingly capable of choosing to be aware and not engaging in fear and drama. Allowing our heart space to expand and prevail defines our positive path forward.

Many of us are awakening to a new sense of oneness which is motivating us to be helpful and solution oriented. The seeds of kindness are growing collectively throughout humanity and this light will help diminish the darkness of negativity. Be inspired, have faith and know that you count in this awakening occurring in humanity.

Posted in the message “The Resilience of Peace” is a list of suggestions worth repeating.

Simple guidelines to support our resilience:

  • Breathe deeply for release and energy. Breath is life and affects our vitality and willingness to be alive in our body.

  • Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of pure water as water bathes our cells and is part of our energy management. Avoid soda and sugared drinks.

  • Eat wholesome, healthy foods rich in nutrients that are life sustaining (not life robbing). Organic when possible.

  • Use high quality supplements and herbs for optimum health.

  • Connect with nature for balance. Enjoy the beauty of plants, trees, water, sky and the symphony of sounds produced by birds, bees, cicadas, frogs, crickets and so many more. Nature is our tuning fork and our grounding rod. Go into nature and be still.

  • Rest when needed to recharge, re-calibrate and rejuvenate.

  • Meditate to relax the mind and explore your inner space through quiet listening and stillness.

  • Create healthy boundaries. Sometimes we are exposed to dense, heavy or negative energy in people or the environment. You can manage the energy you process through your body without judging by using this affirmation technique:

“I release and let go all unbalanced energy to be neutralized.

I choose to be centered, balanced and grounded in my body and being”.

  • Use grounding techniques to utilize the energy of the Earth. Place your attention on your feet and imagine roots extending deep into the belly of Mother Earth. Breathe the earth energy up through your feet through each chakra to above the crown. Then reverse it by bringing in the Universal Life force down through each chakra to the feet and into the Earth.

  • Use Healing practices such as Reiki, tapping, Qigong, message, chiropractic and more.

  • Use Essential Oils for comfort and healing. Chamomile and lavender are soothing and restful.

  • Avoid over exposure to TV, media and dis-empowering messages that emphasize sickness and division.

  • Be Creative with inspiring projects like art, music, gardening, crafts and learning.

  • Be Grateful. Focusing on appreciation strengthens an open heart and attracts more to be thankful for. Gratitude invites peacefulness.

  • Commune with Spirit. Call upon Source, Angels and High Beings for insight and guidance.

© 2022 Astara E. Edmonds. Articles may be shared with authorship noted.


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