SPIRIT SPEAKS are messages by Spirit, through Astara,

published online in the Astara Visions Newsletter.

As a Clairvoyant and Clairaudient Channel for Ascended Masters,

Angels and Guides, Astara brings relevant and timely communications

to enhance our personal and collective awakening and empowerment. 

Unwavering devotion to Higher Truth allows for accurate information

to flow through her to you.   Please enjoy!


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When we reflect on the year 2019, let’s reflect on our personal growth, accomplishments, realizations and blessings that have occurred for us. Minimizing our focus on the challenges and upsets of life helps us focus on the positive elements. Gratitude reminds us that our experiences have purpose and our feelings of gratitude can bring peace and calm to our mind and emotions.

With gratitude in our hearts, we can welcome the New Year of 2020 with vision and intention embracing the opportunity for i...

  • “This land is the mother of us all.” Kikuyu Proverb

Thank you to the voices of the young and their courage to be heard and seen as a rallying cry for the health of our planet.

The Indigo children and others born to this earth experience are awake, alert and active for humanities's sake. The global outcry of “wake up” and “pay attention” to earth's environmental changes is powerful. Astrological influences have been triggering humanity in increasingly significant ways to take responsibility for creating balanced stewardship of our planet.

Our human destiny relies on ou...

The Spring Equinox on March 20, 2019 combined with a Full Moon, heralds birth and new beginnings.  It is a good time to feel gratitude for all that life offers us.  Having gratitude is a way to honor ourselves for being born into this Earthly experience.  Gratitude helps us embrace the challenges along side the blessings as they are both gifts.

With the many challenges faced on this Earth both personal and planetary, finding and sustaining our inner sanctuary is essential to navigating life.  

Remembering our common threads of humanity running through each of us i...

When we reflect on the year 2018, let's find gratitude and appreciation for our personal growth, accomplishments, realizations and blessings that have occurred for us.  Sometimes we can get swept up in focusing so much on the challenges and upsets of life that we forget to focus on the positive elements.  This is a moment to pause and reflect on our blessings. Gratitude reminds us that our experiences have purpose and our feelings of gratitude can bring peace and calm to our mind and emotions.

With gratitude in our hearts, we can welcome the New Year of 2019 as an opp...

The Fall Equinox of 9-22-2017 brings us all a powerful planetary alignment that gives us an opportunity to choose newness in our lives. New direction is calling to us for any aspect of our lives based on our inner values. Than means we are to review what really matters to us regarding family matters, relationships, friendships, location of home, work/service, health, global outreach and environmental concerns. Change is at hand and we are being asked to take inventory of our lives in order to make wise choices that move us forward in positive and productive ways.

Trust is...

The birthing of human awareness through increased higher dimensional frequencies is much like childbirth.

Childbirth is filled with beauty, exuberance and joy that also contains stress, fear and pain all in the same experience. Out of this passage comes new life. If we choose to see this new life, this new human or this new humanity through our heart center of love, we embellish and empower this life with the necessary nurturing to become the new steward of peace.

Our heart center is a magnificent place of transformation for our growth in consciousness. Through our heart ce...

Astara Visions Newsletter "Hermine to Matthew - A Personal View"

Click on link to view and read:


This message comes through the energies of the 2015 Fall Equinox along with other potent astrological energies sweeping this home world, Earth.  Times are potent on so many levels as we individually and collectively awaken and transform ourselves. It is not an easy or comfortable journey much of the time, but it is on purpose by our soul intention to be here now.  Always, at the core of all change, is the everlasting, ever present power of love. Love, the truth of our being, is guiding our footsteps along our path.


I recently returned from the International Reiki Re...


We are truly worth the love that is within us, the love that defines us and the love that expresses through us.  One the of most difficult awakenings for the human spirit is often the embracing of self love. And yet, without this acknowledgment, we give our power away to separation and suffering. Every step we take in claiming this incredible birthright, brings us closer to the truth of who we are. We are love.


Yes, the world is filled with negativity, pain, confusion and so much more and yet, above all this delusion, we are love. As we notice the injustices of our own b...


Out of the vastness of the Universe and the depths of our Hearts, comes love and compassion.  Through love and compassion we discover comfort for ourselves, our family, our friends and our planet.  Comfort has many facets like the prism of a crystal and each facet has significance.   Whether you are giving or receiving comfort, you join a vast force of transformational power.


A comforting smile, hug, gesture or word has the power to lift and transform sadness, despair, confusion, loneliness and grief.  We each have that gift inside ourselves to give t...

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