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Stewards of the Earth

“This land is the mother of us all.” Kikuyu Proverb

Thank you to the voices of the young and their courage to be heard and seen as a rallying cry for the health of our planet.

The Indigo children and others born to this earth experience are awake, alert and active for humanities's sake. The global outcry of “wake up” and “pay attention” to earth's environmental changes is powerful. Astrological influences have been triggering humanity in increasingly significant ways to take responsibility for creating balanced stewardship of our planet.

Our human destiny relies on our stewardship of the Earth. How we conduct ourselves through our belief systems and actions, effects all of life. We all exist within nature. While we respond to nature, she responds to us.

We are living at a time of global transformation, a shift in our personal and collective awareness. We are living within a dynamic energy field of awakening. This means expansion in our abilities to perceive and know higher truth. It means expansion in our ability to recognize what is false and detrimental to our well being.

As our awareness expands, our creativity increases allowing a greater understanding of how to apply new ideas in meaningful and practical ways. As we become more creatively empowered, we can interact with nature in ways that support our integrity as stewards of this planet.

The purpose of this increased awareness is to bring a higher level of wisdom and unity to humanity and remind us that we are ONE. We are each a bridge to each other and to life around us. What we contribute to life around us matters.

Let’s have a conversation with ourselves regarding our relationship with Mother Earth. Let’s examine our individual integrity in how we interact with nature. Are our actions life sustaining or destructive? Remember, you are an important bridge and your contribution is significant.

As our attention is increased on catastrophes such as earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, and fires, let’s remember the power of our unified focus to restore balance in creative and innovative ways. Let’s focus with honorable intention on a desired positive result. Our individual focus is amplified when joined with others of similar intent.

We are here to offer our visions of harmony and cooperation to our home, our society and our world. We are here to create through our heart’s desire, a safe, consciously inspired world. We are here to create peace and dignity within the human race, so we must value our homeland of Earth.

As humans, we have a great capacity through our heart center to LOVE. With love, we can create a matrix of intention for safe, joyful, uplifting changes to occur.

This is our moment to choose wisely.

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