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Welcome to

Astara Visions

I am Astara and I welcome you.

Contained within these pages is information to

Inform and Inspire you.  Stay, relax and feel at home.

    Thank You for visiting!


How May I Serve You?


I am a Psychic/Clairvoyant, Usui/Karuna Reiki Master Teacher,

Public Speaker, Writer and Author.

I've been dedicated to serving in the metaphysical field for 30+ years.



I am available for Private Readings in person at Fairs and Expos or by phone.  

Please visit the Psychic Readings and Reiki page for information and contact me for scheduling.




Please visit the COOKBOOK page for my insightful cookbook:

Spirit and Spices

The Vegetarian Way

Delicious plant based recipes designed to support health and well being.

For Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians who want more plant based recipes.

Purchasing is available through PayPal.








Astara Visions Newsletter

is my contribution to personal and planetary awakening

with messages from "Spirit Speaks".

Subscribe and/or visit the archive, on the NEWSLETTER page.




Find SANCTUARY, in this time of "WE" and enjoy

 the creativity and services of others through their links.



We hold within us a sacred wisdom that is revealing itself in greater ways through this Earth-Shift.

We are coming into our impeccable self and that is worth celebrating.

We are divine energy conduits anchoring and grounding light into the Earth, giving her the spiritual energy that she needs.  As we awaken more fully to our true self, we become responsible Stewards of the Earth and our love will sustain her in this new paradigm we are creating. We are the Age of Aquarius.

The time is "now" for each of us to shine a little brighter through our creative gifts.

Your Light mingles with my Light and the Light of others.

This illumination is what Lights Up our world to shine brighter than any darkness.

As a Tribe of Light Weavers, we have the power to shine as brightly as the Sun that we are.

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