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2020 Vision & Intention

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When we reflect on the year 2019, let’s reflect on our personal growth, accomplishments, realizations and blessings that have occurred for us. Minimizing our focus on the challenges and upsets of life helps us focus on the positive elements. Gratitude reminds us that our experiences have purpose and our feelings of gratitude can bring peace and calm to our mind and emotions.

With gratitude in our hearts, we can welcome the New Year of 2020 with vision and intention embracing the opportunity for increased empowerment both personally and collectively. Change continues to be at the center of the times we are in creating opportunities for growth and expansion. Being open to change allows for a positive flow and flexibility with the process.

2020 is the beginning of not only a new year but also a new decade. The numerology number for 2020 is 4 which carries these traits.

Conscientiousness and teamwork.

Foundation, structure – it places our attention on building security.

Practicality & pragmatism

Organizing for efficiency

Methodical, careful, logical and disciplined

Attention to detail

In 2020, we have potent astrological influences bringing transformation and social change to our planet. These influences also contain the power of invention and solution to problem areas. Our creative gifts will be activated and needed.

This New Year 2020 is going to be of great importance for everyone helping with planetary stabilization. The influence of Pluto on Jupiter and Saturn will bring up issues regarding societal structures in need of innovative reform.

The conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020 is a defining astrological event. It will establish an astrological era of Jupiter and Saturn uniting in air signs that will continue until 2159. It will influence our release of the past and assist us in welcoming the new. It indicates the shifting into a new timeline and beginning another phase along our evolutionary path.

With the energies of accelerated change taking place within us, it is important to be willing to release, cleanse, let go, as well as being willing to open, receive and expand.

Being able to rejuvenate during stressful times strengthens our spirit and helps us with mental clarity, emotional stability and physical stamina.

To offset anxiety and upsets, choosing to create an peaceful inner oasis helps to bring balance.

  • Remember the power of your breath to cleanse and invigorate your body.

  • Feed your body healthy, nourishing foods to support physical well being.

  • Seek consistent interaction with nature as it is powerful and rejuvenating. Earth energy is grounding and stabilizing.

  • Seek nurturing through healers and health professional such as message, Reiki, acupuncture, meditation to name a few.

  • Play music, chants or tones that offer a high frequency capable of tuning your body.

  • Focus on your appreciation for your blessings, even the smallest ones, as this will lift your spirit.

  • Find ways to be creative as creativity activates the imagination and brings calming energies.

  • Remember your connection to Source and the Celestial Beings, Angels, Masters, Guides. Prayer, meditation and a willingness to receive guidance, invites in the Divine to support our needs.

Your energy of trust and optimism moving forward paves the path you are on. So does worry, doubt and fear. Intention is a way shower that lights your path. It illuminates ones thoughts, feelings and actions.

Living life in integrity with kindness, generosity and the desire to learn and grow keeps us connected to living life without fear. Who you are and how you live contributes to all of life. With transformation consistently at the doorway of our hearts, let’s remember the power of our love and light. Our true power resides in knowing that our light can transform any darkness, any fear, any pain and any illusion. Our awakening is to realize this and to reclaim our freedom to really know this.

Happy New Year 2020 and New Decade!

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