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Spring Equinox 2019

The Spring Equinox on March 20, 2019 combined with a Full Moon, heralds birth and new beginnings. It is a good time to feel gratitude for all that life offers us. Having gratitude is a way to honor ourselves for being born into this Earthly experience. Gratitude helps us embrace the challenges along side the blessings as they are both gifts.

With the many challenges faced on this Earth both personal and planetary, finding and sustaining our inner sanctuary is essential to navigating life.

Remembering our common threads of humanity running through each of us is essential to our well being. Love is a bond that unifies us and brightens our Light. When faced with darkness, our individual light draws to us other individual lights and together we create a force field that is stronger than any darkness. We must remember the power of our Love and Light to transform the lower vibrations of negativity. It comes through our Being which guides our actions.

Our actions guided by thoughtfulness, kindness and compassion are empowering for all.

Gratitude invites inspiration, a great force that propels us forward into newness. The spirit within us motivates us to take action in creative and expanding ways. When one is inspired to write a poem, paint a picture, play with a camera, learn something new, change a habit, let go of something no longer useful, heal an emotional wound, inspiration leads the way.

Take a moment to be still and breath into that quiet place inside then simply be open to inspiration. It may come as a new idea or an old idea coming to new light. As we become more accustomed to sparks of inspiration, we learn to listen to our inner self and our hearts desire. Sometimes the newly inspired idea needs a moment to grow just as a seed needs to be planted and nurtured.

Allow inspiration to flow with gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance. When we live with gratitude in our hearts, we are thankful for all experiences that have made us who we are. When we have forgiveness and acceptance in our heart for our self and others, we allow our light to shine a little brighter.

Your inspiration will guide you in creative and productive ways. As we move forward in the energy of springtime, plant and nurture your dreams with the intention of blossoming.

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"Faith in You" by Astara E. Edmonds


"Our highest calling is to be here now living fully, expressing our gifts through divine inspiration.

Your highest calling is to be you.

As we travel together through this earthly life, let us remember that we are here together, on purpose.

Your gift is my treasure and my gift is your treasure. While we each continue to grow through change and challenges, through inspiration and creativity, we all awaken individually and collectively to the love we are. Love is where we meet and know each other. Knowing this deep within our heart center is to know God/Goddess, Spirit, Source, Divinity within."

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