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Depth of Heart

The birthing of human awareness through increased higher dimensional frequencies is much like childbirth.

Childbirth is filled with beauty, exuberance and joy that also contains stress, fear and pain all in the same experience. Out of this passage comes new life. If we choose to see this new life, this new human or this new humanity through our heart center of love, we embellish and empower this life with the necessary nurturing to become the new steward of peace.

Our heart center is a magnificent place of transformation for our growth in consciousness. Through our heart center, we feel and process the emotions that move through us. Although emotions vary, the highest guiding light is Love.

The challenge for the evolution of humanity is to move from fear based emotions to love based emotions. While extremes in emotion may come up, it is important to seek balance. When issues from the past are revealed to us individually or as a society, there is an opportunity to heal. It is important to pay attention to our emotions, our memories, our dreams and our intuitions.

Our journey of awakening to our true potential is a roller coaster ride of highs and lows, joys and sorrows, light and dark, remembering and forgetting, loving and not loving. And yet, we are here on purpose to remember that we are made of love. Our journey is to awaken to this truth and live it to the best of our ability. It is also helpful to remember that each Soul has a unique story and awakening varies for each of us. Knowing this can be helpful in moments that challenge our emotions with the harshness we see and experience in the world.

With an expanded heart, we can look within ourselves and define with clarity what we want to create. The importance of what we focus on is significant. Thoughts and feelings are powerful creative forces. We can apply this to global issues as well. Placing our focus on wellness, safety, prosperity, peace and more, aligns us with the power of attraction to manifest these desires.

The world we live in is continually changing and transforming. We continue to have themes of balancing issues regarding power, authority, integrity, responsibility and communication. Although circumstances may be challenging, the opportunity to increase our honesty, integrity, wisdom, compassion, creativity, gratitude and love is great. Change and transformation is not always a comfortable process but it can be an empowering process. It is a time of renewal, creative inspiration, letting go of old ways and attitudes while deepening our sense of inner trust and wisdom.

With new energies affecting our physical bodies, especially the pineal gland, good nutritional support is important. Making smart, healthy choices for good quality food and water as well as good supplements and herbs helps our bodies process at an optimal level. A program of detoxification helps the body eliminate toxins that accumulate. Food that is alive and rich with vitamins and minerals provides the body with necessary fuel and strengthens the immune system. It is important to be loving and respectful to your body.

Essential oils such as Lavender, Chamomile, Rosemary and many others, supports our physical and emotional bodies with beneficial nurturing. Candles and incense nurture our spirit and remind us of our inner well being and connection to Spirit. Sacred sounds that range from music, chants and toning to birds, crickets and nature act as tuning forks for our bodies. And, breathing deep and full to release and recharge the body is vital. Let’s remember the value of our gifts, the techniques of healing and meditation, the significance of a grateful heart, valued friendships and our compassion for others. We have the power to create a better world and the time is Now to manifest it.

Remember the significance and power of your dream for a world filled with greater compassion, love and kindness. Within all the chaos that exists, our dream and dedication to this purpose is dynamic and has the power to be fulfilled. When you feel disillusioned or disappointed, shift your focus to your dream and place your trust there. The Universe responds to what we send into it so give with awareness and know that you contribute to an entire matrix of similar focus. Our thoughts, emotions and dreams are streams entering a river that becomes an ocean of combined energy. Each of us effect this ocean of energy, so being conscientious matters as thoughts and emotions contribute to shaping our reality.

Take time to focus on your heart center, drawing in Universal Life Force and allowing that energy to blossom. Let that loving heart energy spread into your space and share it with the world around you. We are awakening to the potential of our powerful LOVING nature. Peace and Love are our birthright and our destiny.

May your heart open to greatness and your light shine to illuminate the world.

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