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Astara Visions Newsletter


SPIRIT SPEAKS are messages by Spirit, through Astara,

published online in the Astara Visions Newsletter.

As a Clairvoyant and Clairaudient Channel for Ascended Masters,

Angels and Guides, Astara brings relevant and timely communications

to enhance our personal and collective awakening and empowerment. 

Unwavering devotion to Higher Truth allows for accurate information

to flow through her to you.   Please enjoy!


     All articles are archived and available for reading.  (See links)

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Astara Visions Newsletter 

is an email publication by

Astara E. Edmonds.


The content is designed to provide inspiration and empowerment with love

and compassion.


Thank you for signing up, sharing and forwarding to friends and family. 


Because of you,

these messages have a

           global outreach.          


Thank you! 



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